Warm sweater day
Warm sweater day

Warm sweater day

Today is Warm Sweater Day, an initiative of the Dutch Climate Alliance. When you think of this day in combination with construction, you may quickly think of insulation, after all that is what we use to keep our homes warm and comfortable.

In the field of insulation, quite a few changes have been made recently. The rules that, among other things, the insulation of a building must comply with have been tightened.

ZeeBoer has been a partner of a number of big names in the field of insulation for years. To support the customers of these partners in choosing which insulation material suits their situation, ZeeBoer design calculation programs with which this can be easily determined. With these calculation programs, the so-called Rc calculator, the customer’s product information is linked to the calculation program in order to determine the insulation value

If you would like to know more about our Rc calculator or other services that ZeeBoer can offer you, visit the ZeeBoer website, or go to the Rc calculator from Knauf Insulation or Rockwool.



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