STABU en Ketenstandaard merger
STABU en Ketenstandaard merger

STABU en Ketenstandaard merger

STABU merges with Stichting Ketenstandaard Bouw en Installatie. Ketenstandaard, Dutch for Chain standard, monitors the international ETIM article classification in the Netherlands and the Sales standard for transaction data. A merger with STABU may seem weird to an outsider. After all, STABU focuses on the prescribing process, while Ketenstandaard originated from the transaction. However, the developments towards BIM nuance this picture.

Renewed collaboration

A few years ago, STABU introduced Bouwbreed as the intended successor to the trusted STABU2 specification system. This project failed, and STABU was barely on top of it; fortunately. The thoughts behind Bouwbreed fit well with the digital structure in BIM. After a period of reflection, we are now working together with system houses such as Kubus, Systhema, De Twee Snoeken, Cadac and ZeeBoer on a good connection between STABU2 and BIM.

Transition to Nl/SfB

Contract documents are also required in a BIM process. STABU2 therefore plays a major role here. By searching for a connection to Nl/SfB, a proven method to specify in BIM, the contract document is also retained in the digital model. ETIM is also important as an international article classification. ZeeBoer has been supporting Nl/SfB in its specification services for some time and is therefore closely following these developments. Do you also want to connect to Nl/SfB or ETIM? Contact ZeeBoer for more information.


ZeeBoer wishes STABU and Ketenstandaard success in the future and looks forward to continuing our cooperation!

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