Renewed BIA specification service
Renewed BIA specification service

Renewed BIA specification service

Finding the right solution in a diverse and extensive range can be quite a challenge, ZeeBoer offers various solutions to guide customers more easily through the range and thus arrive at the right solution. Through the system configurator, customers can easily arrive at a solution that is specific to their problem by means of questions and clear images.

By means of our product selector you can present clearly, clearly and filter your range with various types of information, including product sheets, DOPs or references. Both solutions are fed with information from our Product Information Management System (PIM) Utopis® Platform, in addition, it is also possible to manage this yourself from PIM.

For our customer Beton Industrie Arts (BIA), ZeeBoer has renewed the specification service with the extensive range and various solutions. The renewed specification service and stone configurator are now available again.

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