2019 becomes becomes has been updated and is now called The online portal has been successful for more than ten years in the dissemination of construction specifications. In recent years, many RAW and STABU specifications services have been transformed into all-round specification tools. BIM and decision support play an important role in this. Perhaps that is why the platform remains as popular as ever. contains references to product specifications, system solutions, specification texts and certificates from almost all construction suppliers. ZeeBoer, STABU and KOMO together ensure that the portal remains up-to-date. Other building specifications can also be added in the future. is neutral. Not only are ZeeBoer advice tools and STABU and CROW specifications mentioned, but we also try to keep specifications services by other parties up-to-date.

A basic listing remains free of charge. Manufacturers can of course have their company information changed or their tools for specification writers and BIM modellers added. Mail for this to

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