A look behind the scenes at Bernd A look behind the scenes at Bernd
A look behind the scenes at Bernd A look behind the scenes at Bernd

A look behind the scenes at Bernd

Bernd Kurtze, our backend developer, has recently been working on Utopis® PageFlip, the application with which manufacturers can beautifully visualize their documentation.

A look behind the scenes at ZeeBoer. Note: for the enthusiast… 😉

The challenge

Bernd’s assignment was: build a viewer and management environment in which manufacturers can upload their own document. They should then be able to enrich it with additional information and web links to a website or video. Of course with a link to Utopis®, the PIM in which many manufacturers manage their product information.


After a scrum session, we decided to set up a login environment first. An environment based on IdentityServer 4. This will enable customers to log in to multiple ZeeBoer applications. PageFlip is the first project to use it.

Blazor WASM

We built PageFlip ourselves with Blazor WASM. We already had experience with Blazor Server, but thought WASM was a better choice for an application that could soon be used by many people at the same time.

One problem arose: speed. The program was 700 MB in size and had to be run from the user’s workstation. By compressing a lot and stripping out unnecessary functions, this improved considerably. Finally, we have placed the different parts of PageFlip in separate applications: a viewer, a management tool and the API.

We were proud of the end result: from 700 MB to 8 MB. Something we never thought possible before.

Working at ZeeBoer?

Some of our clients may have already dropped out somewhere above, but do you also like a challenge? Do you also want to compress a tool 98% without loss of quality? Then take a look at zeeboer.nl/en/job-offers because then we are your next colleagues.

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You did not drop out? Visit zeeboer.nl/en/services/utopis-pageflip-2 for more info.

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