Association FBS

ZeeBoer is co-founder and member of Vereniging FBS. FBS is an interest group for manufacturers who want to digitize construction information. Many of our customers are also members of FBS.

Vereniging FBS

The construction world is constantly changing. Digital data exchange is booming in all phases of the construction process and beyond. The number of platforms and organizations involved in digital data exchange in construction is therefore growing steadily. How do you best deal with this as a supplier? And how do we together ensure that the interests of the manufacturers are clearly highlighted everywhere and at all times? FBS wants to make a case for that.

Sharing knowledge

Although many of our customers see ZeeBoer as an advisor in the field of digital knowledge transfer, we encourage membership of FBS. As a member of FBS, you will be kept informed of the topics that FBS focuses on: transaction data, specifications services, environmental data. BIM and DigiGO are a common thread in this. The association regularly organizes knowledge meetings with a specific theme.

Consider membership

For more information contact met ZeeBoer visit the FBS website (Dutch).

The ZeeBoer team

Our team consists of enthusiastic specialists. The combination of building knowledge, involvement, marketing and IT makes us focused, flexible and effective.

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