Update for STABU-specifications
Update for STABU-specifications

Update for STABU-specifications

The construction industry still needs a contract or specification document. STABU2 is regarded as the leading system for the Netherlands. The autumn update 2018 is currently being processed by ZeeBoer in all specification services. Compared with version 2017, more than 1,470 specifications have been updated.

The future of STABU specifications

Does STABU have a future? Certainly. In the BIM process too, there is a need for a contract document that establishes the agreements between the project developer, processors and the manufacturer. For example, ZeeBoer already offers BIM specifications that fit the BIM model. STABU also experimented with Bouwbreed in this area.

Although the Bouwbreed project has ended, the market is still in focus. STABU is currently in talks with, among others, ZeeBoer about the transition from STABU2 to BIM. STABU2 will continue to exist in the coming years.


Manufacturers also want to be able to distribute their solutions in a BIM process in future. This requires more than a 3D model of your product. Would you like to know more about STABU or specifications in BIM? Please contact us for more information or a no-obligation conversation.

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