Five reasons to choose Utopis® PIM Five reasons to choose Utopis® PIM
Five reasons to choose Utopis® PIM Five reasons to choose Utopis® PIM

Five reasons to choose Utopis® PIM

More and more manufacturers see that their product data must be in order for many stakeholders. That is why setting up a PIM, a product information management system, is completely hot topic. But high costs, long implementation and unfamiliarity cause cold feet or postpone a decision. However, that is not quite the case. Therefore: five reasons to set up a PIM.

1. A PIM brings order from chaos

No matter how big or how small your organization is, product data roams throughout the company. At the quality officers, sales, at the administration, at the marketing department and perhaps also externally in the website CMS. How many documents do you have to adjust in case of a product update? What is the latest version? A PIM ensures correct and current data.

2. A PIM brings satisfied clients

With accurate and up-to-date product data you will soon have satisfied clients. The world of good building solutions is made up of conflicting information. Think about it: your advice tool contains different information than your website and the technical datasheet shows another version. Make sure that all data comes from one source and specifiers chose your solution, contractors deliver quality and the wholesaler is happy to advise your product to the processor.

3. With a PIM you work as a team

Colleagues work better together when everyone works with the latest version. Product information is more easily updated if it is in one central location. By using building standards such as DICO, ETIM, STABU2, RAW and Nl/SfB, you also work efficiently with co-makers, clients and trading partners. This saves you time and therefore money.

4. Choose a PIM for construction

Which PIM package do you choose? You can indulge yourself with the many PIM packages on the market. It just so happens that a lot of PIM software focuses on almost all branches. So also on construction. That seems nice, because then you have a lot of choice. But which of these software packages knows the standards we mentioned inside out?

5. A PIM doesn’t have to be expensive

With Utopis®, ZeeBoer focuses emphatically on the construction manufacturer. We would like to show that Utopis® can be implemented quickly, that we do not throw away existing software and that it is very competitively priced. So make an appointment quickly.


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