We would like to keep you informed of the latest activities of our team and developments in the market.

ZeeBoer closely follows developments in the construction industry. For many clients we are a reliable consultant in the field of building information management.

18 Aug 2022

Specification service for Bouwimpex – Mea

ZeeBoer was able to develop a specification service for our customer Bouwimpex. Bouwimpex is a specialist in the field of professional linear drainage. With the MEA range, Bouwimpex offers a suitable drainage system for city centers, heavy traffic areas and parking garages. With the MEA Line Drainage Specification Service, a professional specification is put together […]
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25 Jul 2022

New issue magazine UPdate

The third edition of our magazine UPdate has appeared. In this summer issue, attention is paid to 35 years of specification service, 50 years of RAW, some great projects that ZeeBoer has delivered and an interview with Mark Gerwig of the company Bruil, which thanks to Utopis® manages product information in one central place. View […]
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18 Jul 2022

ZeeBoer as your next career step

We would like to expand our team with .NET developers and a field sales employee. ZeeBoer is looking for new team members who want to take their next career step together with us. We are the makers of Utopis®, the PIM that has been specially set up based on the construction philosophy. With this we […]
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14 Jul 2022

Renewed specification service for roof systems

Together with ZeeBoer, Firestone has renewed its specification service for roof systems. The online tool can be used without registration and is intended for designers and specifiers in the Netherlands and Belgium. After configuration of a roofing system, you can download a specification in accordance with STABU2 or SPE-X. The users in our neighboring country […]
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07 Jul 2022

Tender specs for Van Wylick

Van Wylick supplies glass globe reflectors, active marking in the form of LEDs and route guidance for the visually impaired. With the new specification service that ZeeBoer was allowed to develop, specifiers can put together a good RAW specification themselves. Nice features of the specification tool: Two brands, so also two different corporate styles Consultable […]
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04 Jul 2022

35 years specification service

In 1987, during the construction fair in Zuidlaren, De Boer van Megchelen presented the first specification service: that of Lapinus. And it is still successful! Lapinus is now called Rockwool and our name was changed in 1997, but we have already had a relationship with each other for 35 years this year: a milestone. Other […]
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28 Jun 2022

Summer barbecue

On Friday the ZeeBoer team celebrated our summer barbecue. A pleasant and tasty end to the first half of the year.
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10 Jun 2022

50 years of RAW system

The RAW system is 50 years old and ZeeBoer’s RAW specification service is 25 years old. Reason to celebrate. RAW is the digital system in which client and contractor work together. On June 9, CROW organized the RAW 50 years congress. Maarten Hopman was present on behalf of ZeeBoer. During interactive sessions, innovation, sustainability, jurisprudence, […]
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08 Jun 2022

Construction Day

Saturday 18 June 2022 is Construction Day. The day when you see what happens behind the construction fences of the most beautiful construction and infrastructure projects. Will you be there? Check here which projects you can visit.    
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02 Jun 2022

Bouwmaat XXL Festival

The Bouwmaat XXL Festival will take place in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht on 9 and 10 June. Bouwmaat is no stranger to ZeeBoer because we meet in the context of ETIM and DICO and because many of our clients distribute their range with Utopis® to parties such as Bouwmaat. Experience the world of construction and be […]
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25 May 2022

Facade Trade Fair 2022

From May 31 to June 2, Rotterdam Ahoy will be dominated by GEVEL, the trade fair for design and engineering of the building envelope. GEVEL 2022 has the theme ‘Inception’, which translates as start, beginning and idea. This year you can get informed about the climate goals and build healthy buildings for future generations. To […]
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04 Apr 2022

Open Manufacturer Specifications (FPS) will cease to exist

The website will soon be shut down. Through this portal, manufacturers could add product specifications to the STABU2 catalog in Kubus Spexx free of charge. Kubus has made this decision because time has changed and because the FPSs are hardly used anymore. The free product specifications were the answer to the removal of FPSs […]
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25 Mar 2022

Infra Relation Days 2022

On March 29, 30 and 31, the Infra Relations days will take place again at Hardenberg. Quite a few of ZeeBoer’s civil engineering customers attend this fair, wich has been a household name for contractors, designers and manufacturers for years. More information and registration for free access through  
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21 Mar 2022

Manufacturers’ meeting on the Quality Assurance Act

FBS will hold an open meeting on March 30, 2022. FBS is an interest group for manufacturers involved in the digital exchange of product data. ZeeBoer was one of the founders of FBS and many of our clients are still members. FBS is normally very active, but due to corona there was no physical meeting […]
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14 Mar 2022

Today is π-day

Today is π day. Indeed, pi day, because it is 3/14 today. A great opportunity to discuss professional knowledge. To be fair, π plays a leading role in construction. Take a standard 13/15 cm crub for instance. This curbstone is used on almost every street corner in The Netherlands. How many tires do you need […]
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10 Feb 2022

Building a strong employer brand

ZeeBoer developed a product information system (PIM) that focuses specifically on construction. The construction sector requires its own view on marketing, as shown by the success of the book “Online marketing for construction”. Writers Inge Sijpkens and Sascha Murk have now published a new book of which ZeeBoer is the proud sponsor. The book Building […]
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17 Jan 2022

Groene Bouwhekken chooses ZeeBoer

Have you ever seen Groene Bouwhekken’s specification tool? The company improves the appearance of construction sites with circular construction fences. In doing so, they work on a healthy labor market. The manufacture, maintenance and installation take place from reintegration projects. In doing so, the company is working on a healthy labor market. By offering a […]
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10 Jan 2022

Tidy up your desk

It’s January 10 – Clear Your Desk Day. Seems like a useful activity to us. ZeeBoer keeps the desks tidy in Vaassen and at our home workplaces. This gives less stress and is ergonomically better. What about in your organization? How about just your “virtual” desktop? Many professionals perish in the various Excel sheets circulating […]
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01 Jan 2022

Happy New Year

ZeeBoer wishes you a successful, happy and above all healthy New Year! Our team delivered beautiful projects in 2021. We updated several specification services, built them new or expanded them into full-fledged PIMs. What is striking: more and more customers are linking their website and documentation to Utopis® Platform. We will happily continue with that […]
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13 Dec 2021

Magazine UPdate: read it with Utopis® PageFlip

ZeeBoer presents the second edition of its own magazine UPdate. This time we pay attention to our trip to Catalonia, various PIM solutions and an article about Oxfam Novib. Our relations will receive the magazine by post this week. Unfortunately the magazine is in Dutch only. View with Utopis® PageFlip You can also view this […]
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07 Dec 2021

Add ETIM classifications with Utopis®

With the UP ETIM tool, manufacturers can easily make their range “ETIM-proof”. With Utopis® Platform you manage product information from one central source. ETIM becomes interesting if you want to let the trade know what kind of products you have in your range. The tool retrieves live classes, features, values and units from the ETIM […]
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29 Nov 2021

Specification service for Intura

Daylight is important for a healthy living and working environment. Intura offers daylight solutions for flat roofs, such as flat roof windows. Together with ZeeBoer, the STABU specification service has been developed in which all possible combinations between flat roof windows and type of glazing can be easily selected. The specification service is realized from […]
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22 Nov 2021

Renewed specification service for Pulastic

Sika has a leading position in the development and production of solutions, products and systems for paint bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcement in the construction and automotive industries. As a Sika brand, Pulastic is the party that can help you with a top quality sports floor, a long lifespan, maximum performance, a minimum of injuries and […]
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08 Nov 2021

CSN upgrade servers from ZeeBoer

ZeeBoer’s servers have been brought to an even higher level by our service partner CSN Groep. Occasionally it is necessary to refresh the hardware. After all, governing is looking ahead and although we had no complaints, it is still good to know that we are completely up-to-date again. The transition from the old to the […]
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01 Nov 2021

Building Holland 2021

Building Holland will take place in RAI Amsterdam on Tuesday 2, Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 November. Spread over three stages, various speakers will speak these days. Globally, the sustainability goals do not lie, they are ambitious to say the least. Building Holland is therefore an accelerator of sustainable innovations. At the fair they present […]
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18 Oct 2021

Morssinkhof realizes single point of truth

Morssinkhof went through a growth spurt. Brinkman Baksteencentrum, Decor Son and Tuinvisie are now part of the group. As a result, uniform appearance and management were placed at the top of the wish list. The project is called SPOT, an abbreviation of Single Point of Truth. Because that’s the goal. Like many other construction suppliers, […]
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20 Sep 2021

Public Space Trade Fair 2021

On September 22 and 23, a large number of ZeeBoer customers will be at the Public Space Trade Fair. Suppliers in the fields of light, greenery, street furniture, paving, recreation, landscape architecture and design are present at the trade fair. Special attention is paid to sports accommodations this year, partly because the special sports fair […]
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19 Sep 2021

Bimming with Gaudí

Bimming with Gaudí: ZeeBoer visited Girona and Barcelona. Ample attention was paid to looking at architecture and urban planning. We talked about our services, about developments in construction and we came up with new plans for Utopis® as a PIM for the construction manufacturer. Of course there was room for relaxation. Everything professionally organized and […]
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01 Aug 2021

Maarten Hopman at ZeeBoer for 25 years

ZeeBoer has something to celebrate. Maarten Hopman has been one of the trusted faces for many of our customers for 25 years. When he started his career at ZeeBoer in 1996, Maarten developed the civel specification service, with which manufacturers incan offer specification texts for their solutions. Because of summer holidays, we will celebrate Maarten’s […]
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06 Jul 2021

Knauf offers validated Rc calculations

Knauf Insulation’s RC calculator is now even more reliable. Some knowledge is required to calculate an RC value, in addition, the rules that the calculations must comply with are regularly adjusted. All calculations were checked and checked together with Ingenieursbureau Nieman. Thanks to Utopis® Platform, both individual products and complete structures can be managed efficiently. […]
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28 Jun 2021

Renewed specification service Falco Street furniture

ZeeBoer has renewed the specification service for Falco. The service makes it possible to download the STABU and RAW specification texts to your own specifications. You can access the specification service through the website or via the specially designed specification service website. See or to review the tool yourself.    
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21 Jun 2021

UPdate: the ZeeBoer magazine

Manufacturers stay informed of the latest developments in construction marketing through ZeeBoer. ZeeBoer is publishing its own magazine this month: the UPdate. In this magazine we pay attention to various solutions that have been delivered with Utopis® Platform, to developments in the market and to colleague Maarten Hopman. On the occasion of his 25-year employment […]
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04 Jun 2021

BNB specifiers on the search for good specifications

Manufacturers who happen to be clients of ZeeBoers get mentioned in tenders more often. This is because ZeeBoer is actively involved in the BNB, the union for Dutch specifiers and building specification experts. Today the BNB is holding another online meeting. The union has had an almost completely new board a few months ago, which […]
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08 May 2021

International Fair Trade Day

Today is International Fair Trade Day. ZeeBoer supports Oxfam Novib by means of microfinance, which means that you support small and starting entrepreneurs and the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. You do not have to make a monthly or annual donation for the International Fair Trade Day, but you can also show your support […]
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28 Apr 2021

PIM for construction suppliers? Peter shows Utopis® Platform

Utopis® Platform is the basis for system configurators and specification services. UP has since grown into a fully-fledged PIM for the construction manufacturer. Peter shows it in this video.  Want to know more about Utopis Platform? Visit or contact us.  
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19 Apr 2021

Sigma Paint System Configurator for Healthcare and Education

Choosing the right paint system is not easy. Due to the many combinations of types of paint and surface, it quickly becomes a complex story. If the requirements for “use” and “space” are added to this, you will soon experience the feeling of “no longer seeing the trees through the forest”! ZeeBoer has developed a […]
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12 Apr 2021

Specifications service for Timberlab

ZeeBoer was commissioned by Timberlab to develop a specification service. Timberlab is active in inventing and creating products such as wooden outdoor lighting that lower the impact on nature. The products in the specification service are pre-selected for use in public spaces, so you can compile a professional RAW or STABU2 specification texts in just […]
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25 Mar 2021

The advantages of DICO according to v.d. Bosch Beton

Together with our client v.d. Bosch Beton from Almelo, ZeeBoer shows the benefits of DICO in this video. v.d. Bosch Beton uses the DICO standard to exchange invoices and order messages with road builders. DICO fits in perfectly with the product information management system (PIM) of v.d. Bosch Beton. In Utopis® Platform, the PIM that […]
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08 Mar 2021

Online conference “De Keten draait door”

On 25 and 26 March, the Ketenstandaard Foundation, ZeeBoer and other service providers will organize the online conference De Keten draait door. During this online event, digital collaboration between the various construction partners is central. Where do we stand with digital acquisition and transaction data? The manufacturer also plays an important role in this, which […]
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01 Mar 2021

Renewed BIA specification service

Finding the right solution in a diverse and extensive range can be quite a challenge, ZeeBoer offers various solutions to guide customers more easily through the range and thus arrive at the right solution. Through the system configurator, customers can easily arrive at a solution that is specific to their problem by means of questions […]
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09 Feb 2021

Winter check RAW specification texts

The freezing cold this week may offer acquirers of civil engineering materials some space in their agenda. May we give a tip? Check whether your RAW specification texts are up-to-date. ZeeBoer will of course automatically update the RAW specification texts of its customers, but you may not be a customer (yet). Therefore a checklist. Winter […]
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05 Feb 2021

Warm sweater day

Today is Warm Sweater Day, an initiative of the Dutch Climate Alliance. When you think of this day in combination with construction, you may quickly think of insulation, after all that is what we use to keep our homes warm and comfortable. In the field of insulation, quite a few changes have been made recently. […]
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02 Feb 2021

New NZEB requirements come into effect

New NZEB requirements (nearly zero energy buildings) apply since January 1st. This also has consequences for Rc and U-value calculations. ZeeBoer therefore adapted its tools. For example, Knauf Insulation offers the possibility to make an Rc calculation. This has always been possible on the basis of NEN 1068 and the new method according to NTA […]
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28 Jan 2021

European Privacy Day

The Data Protection Agreement was signed on January 28, 1981. The European Commission has therefore declared 28 January European Privacy Day. A great opportunity to take a look at the way we deal with data protection and privacy. What about your own data? And with the data from your online tools? Are they well protected? […]
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11 Jan 2021

Configurator for Firestone Building Products

Zeeboer was allowed to develop a configurator for its customer Firestone. Firestone Building Products is a leading manufacturer of high quality EPDM and TPO roofing systems for commercial, industrial and residential roofs. The configurator contains specifications for the complete roof structure from substrate to roof covering. Specifications are available in STABU2 format and in Spe-X […]
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07 Jan 2021

InfraTech 2021

The biennial InfraTech, the trade fair and the knowledge platform where clients, contractors, engineering firms and suppliers show why the Dutch infrastructure sector has been among the best in the world for many years, will take place fully digitally, given the current lockdown until 19 January 2021. The upcoming edition, January 12-15, 2021, InfraTech will […]
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18 Dec 2020

ZeeBoer wishes you well

We say goodbye to 2020 in an exciting, exceptional time. ZeeBoer is grateful for the trust our customers have in us. Over the past year, we were able to have frequent contact with you with Teams, in online conferences and of course by telephone and email. Let’s continue that next year. We wish you a […]
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08 Dec 2020

Specificationservice Bergschenhoek updated and renewed

ZeeBoer has given the RAW specification service a new look on behalf of Bergschenhoek. The specifications are also provided with an update. The end result is a complete RAW specification, of course in the new RAW2020 standard. Are you also interested in an update of your specification texts? Make an appointment with ZeeBoer for an […]
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23 Nov 2020

ZeeBoer conditions modernized

We have modernized our terms. In recent years, new privacy legislation has been introduced and the way our customers work with Utopis® Platform has changed. Our conditions were therefore due for an update. They can be found at and we have deposited them with the Chamber of Commerce. If you have any questions, please let […]
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11 Nov 2020

FBS meeting on the corona economy

FBS, the interest group for Dutch construction suppliers that digitally exchange product and system information, is holding its members meeting today. On behalf of ZeeBoer, Antoon is present during this online meeting. The members’ meeting is followed by an interactive session in which Paul Schop from USP discusses the corona economy in construction. Are you, […]
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09 Nov 2020

Insulation Solutions adds BIM information

Within the specification service of Insulation Solutions it is now possible to download BIM models in Revit and IFC format, in addition to full STABU specification texts. The BIM files have been drawn up together with BIMforce based on information from our Product Information System Utopis® Platform. The information generated from Utopis® Platform is now […]
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06 Nov 2020

Online meeting of specification writers

ZeeBoer is a loyal member of the Association of Dutch Building Specification Experts BNB. Of course, the trade association for specifiers also adapts to the Corona measures. Today’s ALV and knowledge meeting will therefore be held online. This is how we keep our knowledge up to date and we talk to our colleagues.
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05 Nov 2020

ZeeBoer in ArchitectMagazine about COVID19

In ArchitectenMagazine edition 11 an interview with Peter Veldhuizen about doing business in the corona era. The use of online acquisition tools has become more important than ever because of working from a home office. About how you as a manufacturer stay in touch with the client. Read the (Dutch) article in ArchitectMagazine or view […]
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03 Nov 2020

DICO new name for SALES Standard

The SALES Standard for data communication in construction has a new name: DICO. The working method is unchanged. The DICO Standard is the message standard for digital communication between chain parties in the construction and installation sector. For example, trading houses and contractors can communicate with each other with the order message, quotation message or […]
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20 Oct 2020

Specifications service Leicon renewed

The Leicon Specifications service has been completely renewed. Through, a correct solution can be quickly put together in the field of bus stops, thresholds, roundabouts, traffic conductors and street furniture. The end result is a complete RAW specification. Of course in the new RAW2020 standard. Are you also interested in an update of your […]
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12 Oct 2020

Check your online advice tools

Product selectors and specification services available 24/7? It is not possible to make a physical appointment at the moment. Due to all the corona measures, having an online advice tool is a blessing. Making an acquisition appointment has always been difficult in construction business. With an online advice tool you support your client while working […]
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29 Sep 2020

Update for Siemens Building Automation

ZeeBoer has updated the system configurator on behalf of Siemens Building Automation. ZeeBoer has also updated the range, so that it is entirely contemporary for the designers and specifiers who use it. Click here for the updated specification service. Siemens is taking the next step in controlling building automation. The new generation of Desigo controllers […]
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21 Sep 2020

Utopis®as an international specs writer

More and more construction suppliers use Utopis® Platform as an international specs writer. Giving good advice, building material specification or specification text is not something that is limited to the Netherlands. UP’s multilingualism means that information from one central source can be distributed different countries. UP turns individual components into a good solution UP helps […]
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15 Sep 2020

Digital asset management with Utopis® Platform

Do you keep assets in one central place? Do you want to avoid fragmented information? With Utopis® Platform you can set up digital asset management for your organization. The knowledge that is known about a product or solution within your organization undoubtedly lies in various offices and departments. Or even worse, is in the minds […]
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03 Sep 2020

Scaling up Utopis® servers

The use of the tools that ZeeBoer manages for construction manufacturers is increasing across the board. This not only proves that online marketing tools and advice programs are valued by the end user. Last week, we expanded the capacity of our servers together with our IT partner CSN. Calculation tools, specification services, websites and online […]
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01 Sep 2020

The bicycle mobility sector shares knowledge at the National Bicycle Congress

As a top cycling country, the Netherlands is considered an innovator. This only makes the distribution of good product specifications even more important. Perhaps it is logical that various suppliers in the field of bicycle mobility belong to ZeeBoer’s customer base. The National Bicycle Congress also shows that the Netherlands is leading. This year the […]
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25 Aug 2020

Statistics for your specificationservice or app

There is often no discussion about the value of online knowledge tools. That’s  because they feed the strategic sales process and safeguard knowledge. Actually, you cant’t live without it. Nevertheless, we would like to see how often tools are used. Utopis® Platform has its own statistics module. However, a system configurator (specification service) or app […]
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07 Jul 2020

Update RAW 2020

The RAW system appears in a new edition every 5 years. The RAW 2020 edition was introduced early June. ZeeBoer will update the specifications of its relations in the short term in accordance with the new RAW 2020 catalog. We have to wait for the release of the update specification writing software and then we […]
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20 Jun 2020

AGC glass configurator launched

AGC Glass is the largest flat glass producer in the world and produces, processes and improves flat glass for the construction, interior design, automotive and solar industries. Together with the experts from AGC Glass, ZeeBoer has developed the STABU specification service that makes it easy to put together the right products for your project. Precisely […]
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19 Jun 2020

Introduction UOB ensures better BIM coupling

The introduction of the Uniform Objects Library seems to have made a leap forward in the link between manufacturer data and the BIM process. The UOB defines neutral system solutions on which manufacturers can release their own data. The installation sector is currently playing a pioneering role, but ZeeBoer expects that the B&U and GWW […]
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02 Jun 2020

NTA 8800 calculation tool for Rockwool

Rockwool has offered the possibility for many years to easily calculate the RC value that a particular construction yields. Choose the desired construction and select the desired materials. You can immediately see the influence of changes in the construction of the structure on the RC value. With the arrival of BENG and the NTA 8800 […]
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26 May 2020

TBS range also in specification service

SVA’s specification service has been given a new look and has undergone an assortment update. As of 2020, the TBS-SVA Group represents the brands TBS and SVA. A completely new RAW specification service has been developed for TBS. Both web tools not only provide professional RAW and STABU2 specification, but are also very useful for […]
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07 May 2020

Automate your DoP or CE statements with UP

Utopis® Platform not only distributes specification texts, BIM information and product sheets. Because many manufacturers distribute relevant article data with UP in the market, a DoP, CE declaration or other quality document can easily be linked to this. Thanks to the central management, or a link with your own ERP, you have your information under […]
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28 Apr 2020

Specification links for PixalPaving

We made a specification tool for PixalPaving. Especially for the smaller, specialized, construction suppliers such as PixalPaving, ZeeBoer has an entry-level version of the specificationservice: Utopis® Lite or “Specification links”. PixalPaving imprints symbols, images, attention, indication, prohibition, warning signs, etc. on concrete tiles or baked paving. In addition, the company supplies ColorBricks and ColorTiles marker […]
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28 Apr 2020

New specification configurator Mapei

ZeeBoer built a system configurator for Mapei with which a good specification text can be made in a few steps. The specifications are available in STABU2 and Spe-X format. Mapei supplies adhesives, sealants and chemical products for the construction industry. Some typical solutions that can be fully configured are: tile adhesive systems, Ultratop concrete look, Ultratop […]
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20 Apr 2020

ZeeBoer provides specificationservice for Sigma and Brander

With due pride ZeeBoer introduced the new specification service for PPG Coatings. After a considerable development process, there is a complete paint advice system with complete STABU2 specifications. For both Sigma Coatings and Brander Afbouwproducten. Complete system So no loose product properties, but a well thought-out system in which the various components are coordinated. The […]
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14 Apr 2020

Specificationservice for Saint-Gobain Solutions

Saint-Gobain Solutions focuses specifically on providing innovative system solutions and project-based advice. With solutions that are energy-efficient, sustainable, efficient, fast and qualitative, they answer the questions in the field of high-quality construction. With the specificationservice of Saint-Gobain Solutions you can prepare a professional construction specification yourself in a few simple steps, ready for use in […]
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14 Apr 2020

Connecting to BIM? Antoon explains

Do you want your product to be properly included in the BIM model? Our colleague Antoon Siebert explains some things in a video.  Do you want to know more about distributing your building solutions and product information? Take a look around in our knowledge base and contact ZeeBoer.
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08 Apr 2020

ArchitectenPunt on collaboration in construction

The latest edition of ArchitectenPunt is about collaboration in the construction sector. Everyone is calling for it to be done. Also in construction. But is it that simple? Because how do you coordinate work processes? And what importance is central? And do you actually want to be more transparent? Antoon Siebert on collaboration In an […]
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06 Apr 2020

AquaBASE links website to Utopis® Platform

ZeeBoer has renewed the website on behalf of AquaBASE. The site was linked to Utopis® Platform with a WordPress plugin. In addition, the website was given a knowledge base to provide the market with even better information. AquaBASE advises and supplies a climate-adaptive solution for infiltrating rainwater. The advice tool of AquaBASE was also made […]
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30 Mar 2020

Henken and Royal Grass® spread professional knowledge

ZeeBoer advises Henken Veenendaal on product range, website and construction marketing. The gardener, contractor and private individual also contributes to improving knowledge in the market. The company regularly organizes workshops in consultation with suppliers. This includes Royal Grass®, a specialist in the field of artificial grass The world of artificial grass has completely changed in […]
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26 Mar 2020

Oostwoud updates its postcabinets configurator

Oostwoud International is a specialist in postcabinets. With the configurator that ZeeBoer has made, a specifier can configure the complete postcabinet unit. Letterbox-, cover, nameplates, numbering, callpanel, intercom and frontplate are among the possibilities. Oostwoud updated the tool based on the new website layout.  The tool is also available through an easy Oostwoud URL. What […]
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23 Mar 2020

COVID19 homework booklet for ZeeBoer-kids

Although Utopis® Platform is important in disseminating building information, the work at ZeeBoer is not vital of course, in terms of COVID19. Team ZeeBoer therefore has a home office, together with their families. The school children of ZeeBoer families also work at home during this period. To make life a little easier, they received a […]
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17 Mar 2020

Climate neutral parking system v.d. Bosch

For v.d. Bosch Beton we were given the opportunity to develop specifications for a climate-neutral parking system. The so-called Climate Adaptive Grass Elements infiltrate rainwater and can be processed in various patterns. In addition, the product is made of cementless concrete. Specifications like this were added in specifications texts in RAW and STABU2, the leading […]
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16 Mar 2020

Homeoffice? No problem for Team ZeeBoer

ZeeBoer will of course also adapt to the measures taken for Corona. Homeoffice is not an issue for our team. Our customers and end users can use and manage Utopis® Platform 24/7. The development of new tools and maintenance can also be done remotely. In other words: ZeeBoer and Utopis® Platform are available for clients. […]
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12 Mar 2020

Specificationservice for Heros

ZeeBoer was commissioned by Heros to develop an online specification service for their Granova product line. Heros is active in the production and sale of secondary raw materials obtained after recycling of various residual and building materials. After completing project conditions, a professional RAW specification is compiled. Two applications are offered with the Granova specificationservice. […]
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05 Mar 2020

SIMbeton and Pulastic at the sports accommodation fair

A few ZeeBoer customers were present today at a sports accommodation fair. The exhibition lasted only one day, but all parties that matter in this sector were present. SIMbeton as a concrete suplier for example. ZeeBoer advises SIM in specifying its solutions. The company provides paving solutions for sports fields, with all the details in […]
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04 Mar 2020

Wijzonol technichal paint advice app

Wijzonol has updatet it’s technical paint app. With the Wijzonol technichal paint advice app you can create paint advice for every painting job, just in a few steps. The App shows on the basis of the answered quistions which paint systems are most suitable for your situation. ZeeBoer has been a trusted advisor of Royal […]
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02 Mar 2020

Jeroen 15 years with ZeeBoer

For many clients, he is the voice of ZeeBoer: Jeroen responsible for the styling and layout of specification tools. Today he has been in service for 15 years. Jeroen, congratulations and we hope you’re with us for a long time to come!
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27 Feb 2020

New look for Easypath specificationtool

ZeeBoer has given the bicycle path configurator and RAW specification service a new look on behalf of Easypath. The specifications are also provided with an update. Everything is 100% ready to professionally specify thousands of kilometers of healthy cycle path route in future tenders. Municipalities, provinces, water boards and engineering firms can start the new […]
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20 Feb 2020

ZeeBoer develops quotation tool for Siemens

Siemens Solutions Partners can now make calculations with a quote tool developed by ZeeBoer. Siemens developed a system configurator some time ago. A complete firesafety system can be compiled here. The result is a complete solution without faulty product configurations and with an export option to a STABU specification text. With the new quotation tool, […]
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13 Feb 2020

RAW 2020 for civil contracting

In Dutch civil engineering specifications are made according to the RAW system. ZeeBoer follows the developments in the field of RAW. Clients who act in civil engineering benefit from this. Manufacturers and suppliers who specify their solutions in the right format meet the needs of the market. Especially when they help specification writers or designers […]
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08 Feb 2020

BNB über STABU-Konditionen ZNE

ZeeBoer took part in a session of BNB, the association for Dutch building specification experts. BNB represents more than just specification writers and calls itself “building specification experts”. ZeeBoer has been involved with BNB since its establishment. Two major topics were on the agenda. STABU administrative conditions First, the provisions in the STABU specifications have […]
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03 Feb 2020

Infrastructure Relationship Days 2020

The Infra Relation Days will again take place in Hardenberg on February 4, 5 and 6. This trade fair has been a household name for contractors, designers and manufacturers for years. A large number of ZeeBoer infrastructure customers are present in Hardenberg with a stand or visit the exhibition. More information and registration for free […]
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27 Jan 2020

Facade Trade Fair 2020

On January 28, 29 and 30, 2020, Rotterdam Ahoy will be dominated by GEVEL, the trade fair for design and engineering of the building envelope. Here you can be inspired and informed by and about ambitious plans, smart technical solutions and practical examples of state of the art façade construction. You can register here to […]
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23 Jan 2020

Renewed Specification tool Köster

At the end of last year ZeeBoer was able to adjust the layout of the specification service from Köster Sealing Systems. This could use a new look. The tool was also set up for the latest version of the STABU catalog. Köster is a specialist in waterproofing solutions. In addition to specifications, the company provides […]
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21 Jan 2020

Data breach on InfiniteWP

An important plugin for WordPress websites is currently experiencing a security breach. With InfiniteWP, around 300,000 websites worldwide are managed remotely. The maker reported today that an update is now ready, but for many websites, including ours, this message came too late. ZeeBoer currently has the problem under control and most services are back online. […]
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09 Jan 2020

Improved Wedeflex specification tools

The Wédéflex system configurator has been renewed. ZeeBoer, for example, coordinated the layout on the Wédéflex website and gave the tool its own URL. The specification tool is now accessible trough: Finally, Wédéflex has the option of creating project specifications. Prescribers can report to Wédéflex or their projects and receive complete advice.
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19 Dec 2019

We wish you a prosperous 2020

On behalf of ZeeBoer, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2020. For ZeeBoer, the past year was dominated by interesting improvements. The speed of our tools is a good example of this. In addition, we developed a WordPress plugin, introduced an quotation tool and made the STABU specification services suitable for the […]
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10 Dec 2019

Asphalt day 2019

The asphalt sector comes together in De Flint in Amersfoort on December 10 for the Asphalt Day 2019. A few Zeeboer customers are also present. For more information go to    
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25 Nov 2019

What about specification selling? Maarten explains …

ZeeBoer helps manufacturers with specification selling. What that is? Our colleague Maarten Hopman has made a video of it.  Do you want to know more about distributing your building solutions and product information? Take a look around in our knowledge base and contact ZeeBoer.  
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18 Nov 2019

Climat exhibition 2019

On Thursday, November 21st, the anual Climat exhibition takes place at Expo Houten. On the exhibition floor, visitors will find all possible products and services that serve as solutions for the consequences of climate change. The three themes are water, heat stress and drought. At the Climate Trade Fair you will find innovative products for […]
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11 Nov 2019

ZeeBoer in a magazine for architects about knowledge suppliers

Manufacturers more and more are the knowledge supplier for the construction sector. In the latest edition of the ArchitectenPunt magazine an interview with ZeeBoer about the manufacturer as a knowledge supplier. Perhaps an interesting article for customers and for those who are not yet a customer at ZeeBoer. ArchitectenPunt is also an interesting magazine in […]
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08 Nov 2019

Annual meeting specification experts with a lecture from Insert

Antoon Siebert attends a meeting of the BNB specification experts association this afternoon. This also includes an interesting lecture by Insert. After all, the building is the building materials trade of the future. Insert responds to this. ZeeBoer supports a project file for manufacturers for this matter.
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05 Nov 2019

ZeeBoer supports Oxfam Novib in microfinance

ZeeBoer, together with Oxfam Novib, will support entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia in starting their business. When we continued ZeeBoer in 2017, the local bank offered the right financing. Oxfam Novib also focuses on local financing. Entrepreneurs can purchase a sewing machine, cow or seed with their first credit. The results are amazing: 97% of […]
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22 Oct 2019

Improved Mosa specification tools

The Mosa Tiles and Mosa Panel specification tools have been improved. The product information was updated and the user interface improved. In addition, the services can now be found on and However, the biggest advantage of this update is in the management environment. This is because the product information in the tool was […]
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16 Oct 2019

Positive developments regarding STABU web catalog

The association for Dutch specification experts (BNB) organized a session last Friday. ZeeBoer was also present as a member. An interesting meeting, because the latest developments concerning STABU2 were discussed. In addition, STABU recently merged into Stichting Ketenstandaard. This was also explained. Developments for specifications writers Spec writers will be working with a live web […]
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09 Oct 2019

ZeeBoer at FBS breakfast session

On behalf of ZeeBoer Maarten Hopman visited an FBS breakfast session this morning. Ketenstandaard, the foundation that nowadays also manages the STABU2 standard, informed the building suppliers present about NL/SfB and the building file. A topic that interests ZeeBoer. The industry association for manufacturer specifications organizes breakfast sessions so that commercial market parties can share […]
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07 Oct 2019

Conctruction fairs

On 9.10 and 11 October 2019, the Building Complete exhibition at the event hall in Hardenberg, and the Prefab exhibition at the Brabanthallen will take place again. Building Complete is the meeting place of the Northeast Netherlands where all parts of the construction industry come together. The Prefab exhibition is the place to be if […]
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02 Oct 2019

Circular? Nonsense!

Most organizations in the construction chain are building the future in a very positive way. But to what extent are they circular? Terms such as circular, sustainability, cradle-to-cradle, recycling, footprint and climate adaptive play a major role in construction. Certainly now that we have been dealing with nitrogen ceilings and climate protests in recent weeks. […]
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30 Sep 2019

Trade Fair Public Space

On October 2 and 3, 2019, the Public Space Trade Fair will take place at the event hall in Utrecht. The fair is distinguished by the comprehensive range. All conceivable products and services for public space are covered. A few ZeeBoer customers will be present at the fair. For free registration, go to:
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26 Sep 2019

Royal Roofings Materials launches Royal Novoproof® system selector

ZeeBoer was allowed to develop the system selector with Royal Novoproof® plastic roofing sheets for Royal Roofings Materials. By filling in the number of questions, a professional STABU roof systemspecification is compiled. You can then immediately use this STABU specification in your project specification. Fast, easy and current! Try it out right away click here.
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24 Sep 2019

STABU en Ketenstandaard merger

STABU merges with Stichting Ketenstandaard Bouw en Installatie. Ketenstandaard, Dutch for Chain standard, monitors the international ETIM article classification in the Netherlands and the Sales standard for transaction data. A merger with STABU may seem weird to an outsider. After all, STABU focuses on the prescribing process, while Ketenstandaard originated from the transaction. However, the […]
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23 Sep 2019

Updated systemspecification Isover

The specification service from Isover is completely overhauled and provided with the same appearance as the website. The new specification service can be accessed directly from the Isover website or through However, it is also possible to start the specification service through a product page on the Isover website. The relevant product is automatically […]
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16 Sep 2019

Specificationtool Rodruza renewed

The specification tool from Rodruza street  bricks has been completely renewed by ZeeBoer. Not only the layout was cast in the house style of the manufacturer. Access has also been improved. Unique to the Rodruza specification tool is that almost all RAW solutions for baked vowels are available. So not only paved area, but also […]
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09 Sep 2019

Power failure? ZeeBoer servers continue to operate

During a power outage last Sunday, the ZeeBoer servers could continue to operate as normal. Our servers are located at Bit in Ede. At the beginning of the evening there was a power outage in Ede and surroundings. The emergency power supplies of the BIT data centers have absorbed the loss of power without any […]
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05 Sep 2019

Installation Trade Fair

The Installation Trade Fair will take place again in the event hall in Hardenberg on 10. 11 and 12 September. This year two worlds come toghether: Installation & Elektro trade fair. The developments in installation & electrical engineering are going very fast and the role of the installer is changing. Wavin and Dyka, both customers […]
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22 Aug 2019

Website for boon beton live

ZeeBoer was given the opportunity by Ronald Boon to create a new website. Ronald started as boon beton in August. As a dealer in concrete and clay paving materials, the strong point of boon beton is relieving contractors in the civil engineering sector. ZeeBoer developed a website together with Huqson that can be expanded in […]
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15 Jul 2019

UP-date van ZeeBoer

Immediately before the summer holidays a short UP-date about ourselves. In recent weeks we have carried out the necessary updates to Utopis® Platform (UP). Speed ​​and other functions have been improved. Because UP as PIM can be widely used for construction, we as ZeeBoer are also working on other areas. Think of: the transformation towards […]
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08 Jul 2019

Collaborate? Certainly!

Whether ZeeBoer cooperate with others? That question was asked last Saturday on International Cooperation Day. Well, we can give some examples of that. The renewal of the Stabu system is currently a hot topic in terms of building specifications. Together with Kubus, Duncan, Systhema, De Twee Snoeken, Cadac and STABU, ZeeBoer wants to transform the […]
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25 Jun 2019

Updated system specification for Eurorail

The specification system from Eurorail has had a styling update, so that it has become one with their website. The following product groups have also been added: vehicle-facing handrail terminals spring collision protection sheet steel divers Visit the updated system specification here.  
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20 Jun 2019

Renewed specification configurator for Jan Kuipers

The Systemspecification of Jan Kuipers Nunspeet has been completely renewed and now runs on the basis of Utopis® Platform. A lot of graphic material has been included to make the selection process as easy as possible, with a complete specificationservice as the final result. In terms of styling, the renewed service completely fits the website […]
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03 Jun 2019

World Cycling Day

Today is World Cycling Day. ZeeBoer has established that 50% of its people came to work by bike today. But also nice: at you can find quite an impressive list of customers and bicycle solutions. We are proud of it. See
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23 May 2019

Manufacturer’s day about the future of STABU

The connections between STABU and ZeeBoer are good. Today Peter Veldhuizen was present at the manufacturers day. The transition from STABU2 to BIM and NL/SfB was discussed and the function of specifications in general. Conclusion: the BIM model needs product data and cannot do without a contract.
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23 May 2019

Renewed configurator for Sikkens

ZeeBoer has completely renewed its online STABU specificationsconfigurator for new construction and maintenance projects on behalf of Sikkens building paints. After completing your project conditions, Sikkens offers you a suitabe paint system in wich the structure with every layer of paint is made transparent. In the next step, your system structure will be translated into […]
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17 May 2019

Jeroen at Google Digital Workplace

Jeroen Houdé is visiting the digital workplace of Google today. The tech company this week visits Apeldoorn and ZeeBoer will be updated on the latest developments in the field of SEO.  
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16 May 2019

Heras Mobile Fencing adds Revit to specification service

Heras has had a system configurator at ZeeBoer for many years. The BIM Revit Family files that Heras Mobile Fencing & Security has developed are now also offered per specific solution from this specification configurator.  
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13 May 2019

Renovation Fair 2019

The 2019 Renovation Fair will take place in the Brabanthallen in ‘s -Hertogenbosch on 14,15 and 16 May. ZeebOer customers are also present here. More information and admission tickets can be found through
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29 Apr 2019

Architectenpunt about human capital

The April issue of Architectenpunt is dedicated to safeguarding and distributing human capital. On behalf of ZeeBoer, Peter Veldhuizen gave a interview for this issue. He tells about how ZeeBoer deals with the concept of knowledge. The construction is not only struggling with an aging workforce. More and more people are generally trained. The manufacturer […]
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15 Apr 2019

AquaBASE launches advisory tool

ZeeBoer was allowed to expand the functionalities that AquaBASE offers its customers. Whith AquaBase’s new specification service, decision makers have an advisory tool at their disposal in the field of stable water buffering. Through a few simple steps, a complete specifications in RAW is achieved. However, the end goal does not have to be a […]
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11 Apr 2019

30 parties sign Digideal GO

Today, 30 parties from the Dutch construction sector signed the Digideal GO. Under this heading, among others, Bouwend Nederland, the government and other partners want to encourage construction to get more out of digitization. The Digideal GO initiative can only be welcomed, we think. How can you, as a manufacturer, respond step by step to […]
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10 Apr 2019

ZeeBoer provides BIM session during Building Holland

Building Holland started on Wednesday with a breakfast session from FBS. Together with Kabu and Bimforce, ZeeBoer took up the challenge for this new initiative by FBS. The association wants to promote the dissemination of knowledge. This first breakfast session had the theme From specification service to BIM. As a manufacturer, how do you respond […]
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04 Apr 2019

ZeeBoer client at Building Holland event

From 9 to 11 April, various customers of ZeeBoer will be present at the Amsterdam Rai at the Building Holland fair. Building Holland is a annual three-day exhibition installation and real estate sector. Visitors and exhibitors come toghether at this fair to share knowledge, network, do buisiness and see & experience innovative products en concepts. You can […]
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01 Apr 2019

We have renewed our website

We thought it was time for a new website. We proudly present ourselves, our services and our portfolio. In addition, space for our customers and knowledge from the world of construction marketing. In the past period we developed a Utopis® plugin for WordPress. Manufacturers in the construction industry can feed their website from Utopis® Platform. […]
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25 Mar 2019

Breakfast session about BIM on 10 April

The FBS association is organizing a breakfast session for manufactures, together with Kabu, ZeeBoer and Bimforce where the value of BIM for the manufacturer is explained. The following questions will be discussed and answered: What is the value BIM for the manufacturer? What does a BIM model look like? Specify and System Thinking Linking existing […]
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18 Mar 2019

Customer Day March 19th

Tuesday, March 19th is Customer Day. We have no idea who created that. ZeeBoer also does not participate in all special days. Nevertheless, we liked to pay some attention to our many loyal clients. If all goes well, everyone has a cake for coffee. We have already started! Respond? Or not receive the cake? Leave […]
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18 Mar 2019

Siemens Building Automation launches a new specification service

With the new STABU specification service from Siemens Building Automation you can generate complete specifications for building automation systems quickly and easily. Ideal for specifications writers, consultants and installers. ZeeBoer is proud that, after Siemens Fire Safety, it was also allowed to make this advice tool! A system configurator or specification service is interesting for […]
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14 Mar 2019 becomes has been updated and is now called The online portal has been successful for more than ten years in the dissemination of construction specifications. In recent years, many RAW and STABU specifications services have been transformed into all-round specification tools. BIM and decision support play an important role in this. Perhaps that is […]
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11 Mar 2019

Update website Lansink

Lansink, the Dutch civil constructor, has given its website a refurbishment. The website was ready for some major WordPress updates. This opportunity was used to adjust the lay out slightly.  Visit the Lansink website. WordPress and Utopis® Platform ZeeBoer develops websites for construction. WordPress is becoming more and more leading in this. A Utopis® WP […]
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07 Mar 2019

Vakbeurs sportaccommodaties

The Trade Fair for Sports Facilities will take place on Thursday 14 March at Expo Houten. ZeeBoer customers are also present. ZeeBoer advices constructions suppliers with the dissemination of their product information and solutions. Think of BIM information specifications texts, product sheets and websites. For free registration, visit
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05 Mar 2019

What does the Quality Assurance Act mean for me?

On March 5th 2019 the Dutch Senate will consider the Quality Assurance for Building Act before it is put to the vote. On February 21st 2017, the law was already passed by the House of Representatives. In the law, the contractor is responsible for the final result that he produces. Suppliers of building materials are […]
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28 Feb 2019

New editor for WordPress

ZeeBoer customers who have a WordPress website can soon opt for a new editor. The old well-known editor of WordPress was replaced at the beginning of this year by “Gutenberg”. A new way of posting. However, not all website functions can work directly with Gutenberg. In addition, web editors has to get used to a […]
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25 Feb 2019

Bleijko manages product information from a single source

Bleijko, Fassaert Beton and Haringman Betonwaren, all part of De Hoop Terneuzen, manage their assortment in Utopis® Platform. Product information for PDF and website and specification texts are controlled from one central product database. Utopis® Platform was developed especially for construction as a product information management system (PIM). Not only all single articles, but especially […]
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18 Jan 2019

Interesting InfraTech 2019

Maarten and Peter visited the biennial InfraTech on behalf of ZeeBoer this week. In terms of parking policy, this fair can get some improvement, but we were further enthusiastic. No less than 22 brands from the ZeeBoer stable were present. We could not have a chat with everyone (nice the fair was busy), but it […]
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14 Jan 2019

ZeeBoer present at information day digitization

Manufacturers of building materials are the source of product information. Good data ensures better findability and therefore better product sales. It is important that this data is exchanged in an unambiguous way. On Wednesday afternoon January 30, Stichting Ketenstandaard (ETIM Netherlands) together with ZeeBoer and other partners organizes an information afternoon about digitization in the […]
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07 Jan 2019

2019: the year of Digideal

On behalf of ZeeBoer the best wishes for 2019! The coming year will be dominated by Digideal. More information will follow. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels. Digideal: making the renovation of the Netherlands affordable Because we face major construction challenges in the Netherlands, the construction sector signed a letter of intent […]
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06 Dec 2018

Update for STABU-specifications

The construction industry still needs a contract or specification document. STABU2 is regarded as the leading system for the Netherlands. The autumn update 2018 is currently being processed by ZeeBoer in all specification services. Compared with version 2017, more than 1,470 specifications have been updated. The future of STABU specifications Does STABU have a future? […]
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13 Sep 2018

Team building for ZeeBoer at Texel

Our team building on Texel was a success. Hans Peter van den Bosch from Wad Eigenwijz provided a good program. Partly because of this, the useful was combined with the pleasant. A must for our own relationships!
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01 Jan 2018

Antoon Siebert participates in ZeeBoer

Antoon Siebert, who has been working as project leader B & U at ZeeBoer since 2009, has taken a minority interest of 20% into the company from 1 January 2018. In 2017 Peter Veldhuizen took over ZeeBoer from Reindert de Boer, who retired after more than 30 years. The plans for a partnership between Antoon […]
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01 Jul 2017

New future for ZeeBoer

With a signature, a firm handshake and the lifting of a glass, Reindert de Boer and Peter Veldhuizen have confirmed the new future for ZeeBoer b.v. In the presence of the employees, this week the agreement was signed with which Peter takes over the management and ownership of the business advice bureau founded in 1984 as […]
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