Does ZeeBoer support the NBS standard?

NBS is the abbreviation for National Building Specification and is the standard for building specifications in the United Kingdom. ZeeBoer supports its customers in creating neutral, generic, product data. We therefore support every standard with this. In addition to the Dutch specification standards NL/SfB, RAW and STABU2, we could therefore also draw up specifications in C3A (Belgium), GAEB (Germany), ÖNORM (Austria).

Nederlandse Besteksystematiek
Whether or not coincidentally, the abbreviation NBS is also used by a “competitor” of STABU. The Dutch Cutlery System was founded by two former employees of STABU and wants to provide an alternative to STABU2. NBS has now included various manufacturers in a catalog. ZeeBoer can also specify in the NBS standard if you wish. For your market area, do you have the impression that specifications are written in NBS format? Then an NBS specification service is interesting.


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