Marketing automation is a collective name for digital tools that make selling your solutions easier. Examples of marketing automation are a smart program to email customers. The internal marketing process is hereby automated. However, you can also digitize the acquisition or the advisory process. Consider a choice configurator, a smart calculation tool, digital catalog or BIM specification tool.

To answer the question: yes. Marketing automation is especially interesting for construction. Marketing automation starts with a centralized product information system or PIM. Utopis® Platform is a PIM that has been specially developed for construction.

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PIM stands for product information management system. ZeeBoer helps manufacturers to create tools that configure a good solution for construction. UP (Utopis® Platform) forms the basis for this.

Products play an important role within a system solution. The product data in UP is not only interesting for a good building specification. Documentation, product sheets and DoPs also use product information from UP.

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