Brief company history

Since 1984, ZeeBoer has developed from a market leader in specification services to a consultant in product information management and BIM.

ZeeBoer was founded in 1984 under the name De Boer van Megchelen and focused on the use and development of STABU and RAW specification services. After the launch of the first specification tool for Rockwool Lapinus, in 1987, the company developed into the market leader in this field.

ZeeBoer follows developments in the field of data distribution closely. In 1992, floppy disks were distributed with specifications in MS DOS. In 1995 these were already succeeded by CD and DVD. The GWW CD grew into a household name in civil engineering. IPSnet was introduced in 2000 as an online application for system configurators.

As an involved market party, ZeeBoer was at the cradle of BNB, a sector association for specification experts. We were also closely involved in the establishment of FBS. FBS represents the interests of manufacturers in the distribution of system information and BIM. Together with FBS and STABU, ZeeBoer introduced An online index for building specifications. KOMO specifications were also added in 2019 and the index was renamed

Our services in the area of ​​specifications have automatically expanded towards product information. In 2006 we introduced Utopis®. An online database for product information. Utopis® classic was succeeded in 2012 by Utopis® Platform. Lovingly called UP, this cloud solution serves the manufacturer of 24/7 product information in combination with system, specifications, BIM, project and expertise. UP is the only product information management system (PIM) that has been specially developed for construction.

There is also a great deal of involvement with former employees. Our colleagues sometimes left for organizations with which we collaborate. We still meet them regularly for coffee. Just like our founders Ok van Megchelen and Reindert de Boer. You, of course, are also welcome for coffee.


Team ZeeBoer

The ZeeBoer team

Our team consists of enthusiastic specialists. The combination of building knowledge, involvement, marketing and IT makes us focused, flexible and effective.

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